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The winter of humanity

Irony has reached levels of horror

Never imagined. On the BBC

They announce gloatingly that Julian Assange

Will be extradited to a gulag in fascist America —

The greatest journalist-exposer of war-crimes ever —

And the next moment they announce the Nobel Peace Prize

Has been given to two journalists for the first time

Since the Nazi period — they congratulate themselves

That freedom of speech and the press has been honoured,

On the very day it is being trampled underfoot.

That the CIA pawn Muratov and his Western rag

Novaya Gazeta, a propaganda sheet

For the CIA-MI6 plot against Russia,

Are rewarded for inciting war, while the greatest exposer

Of war crimes and crimes against humanity

Since Nuremburg is condemned to slow death

In a US concentration camp — is there no voice

To howl this iniquity to the heavens, to scream

Till windows break, till hearts stop beating, till evil

Freezes in its devil’s tracks? — No, nothing happens.

No scream is heard. The world goes on with its chatter.

While outside, the snow piles up, and portends

An endless winter for humanity.

Michael Antony

REQUIEM on 8th September 2022

Today the queen died. An era came to an end

And the decline of the world into chaos accelerated.

A week or so ago it was Gorbachev who died,

The man who tried to make peace with the West

And was duped by their lying promises. Betrayed

Into a kind of treason which has led

To the present war in Ukraine as the West persisted

In its cold war goal to encircle and destroy Russia,

Till she could retreat no further and had to resist

Her own annihilation. Will the departure

Of two symbols of a more stable period,

A brief interlude of sanity, lead to the plunge

Of the West into the hell that it is destined for?

Will we see a winter of collapse, cold, misery,

Gas cuts, power cuts, homelessness, riots in the street

To teach the unteachable leaders of the West

The insanity of making endless war

Against its main supplier of energy?

Will this be a purgatory that teaches, or a hell

That punishes once and for all the evildoers

That rule Europe and America?

The War In Ukraine, October 2022

Day after day I watch the commentators,

Mercouris, Christoforou, Berletics, Dima,

Bringing their latest news from the frontline

Of the war in Ukraine. How I fear for Russia,

The last best hope of Europe and the world

Against the global tyranny of America

And its European vassals, who are seeking

The utter destruction of the Russian people

In their megalomaniac warmongering ambition

To rid the world of all rivals to America.

I hang on each word of hope and optimism,

Pray that the attacks by the Nazis of Kiev will fail,

That Russians will not lose heart till they have won,

And brought Ukraine back to its senses as a neighbour

And not a proxy for a nuclear attack,

Massacring the Russian-speakers of their own country

Whom they have been taught to see as subhuman traitors.

The goal of imperialist America is to have missiles

On the borders of all its enemies, so it can strike

Without warning, with no time for missile defences

To come into play. It is their solution to their lag

In developing hypersonic missiles or missile shields,

They will use their domination of smaller nations

Through financial control of the planet to put their puppets

In power everywhere, even on their enemies’ doorstep,

To give them total dominance. The nation that gave us

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo,

The Christmas bombing of Hanoi, the false flag

Of the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, the torture chambers

Of Abu Graib and Guantanamo, this monstrous

Evil nation seeks to destroy humanity

In a nuclear holocaust, as if to say

If it cannot rule the planet, let it perish.

This evil nation must be overthrown at last

Before it ends the world, and this is the chance

With Russia (and China) standing up to it,

To bring about that goal. The survival of humanity

Is in Russia’s hands: she alone can destroy

The Satanic force that threatens human survival:

American imperialism.

Kherson, October 22, 2022

The hideous ping-pong of battle rages

And hearts all over two countries

Tighten with fear for loved ones in danger,

Praying to a silent God for mercy.

Who unleashed this horror on two nations?

The overlords of an empire beyond the seas

Seeking to destroy a rival, rebellious power.

And the hate-filled gnomes of an ultra-nationalist government

Determined their country would never have room

For two languages and two cultures,

Kindred though they were for a thousand years.

The Daily Lies

When lies begin and end the daily news,

And warmongers are asked to give their views

On how we can destroy the Russians more

For daring to put an end to the brutal war

Ukraine has waged on the Donbass for eight years,

Slaughtering thousands of civilians, while their tears

Were mocked by the Guardian, Daily Mail, or Times

As Russian lies to cover their own crimes,

How can we live in a world where truth is inverted,

Where praise is showered on the evil and perverted,

Where morality itself is stood on its head

And butchers triumph over the innocent dead?

What drives the hacks who fill the news each night

With vile perversions of the truth — is it to incite

Hatred that will push the world to nuclear war

In the hope this means Russia will be no more?

The hatred that lies at the heart of Western civilization

Is something for which science has no explanation.

It is a lust for absolute power over the earth,

As if Western countries have a right from birth

To make endless wars on others, but no other nation

Has a right to defend itself against the worst provocation

(Whether the mass shelling of its citizens every day,

Or its capital threatened by missiles from minutes away)

Without having all relations with it terminated,

Being cast out, robbed and finally exterminated.

This will end badly for the West, I think.

The Russians are beyond rage and will not blink

At the ultimate conflict if the West should choose.

The West cannot win this war; Russia will not lose.

Easter Sunday, 2022, with world war looming

On this day I believe quite seriously                                                                                                            That we are on the brink of World War Three.

And if this were to be the end of time,

This muddled present moment, plucked by chance

From the vast calendar of ages past,

Packed with events since earth was in its prime,

What if this clumsiest moment in the dance

Were chosen to be earth’s and mankind’s last,

Which we, suspecting nothing, let slip by

Not knowing this would be the day we die?

Would it not be a fitting end to lives

So foolishly squandered or so vilely spent

In the pursuit of madness and delusion,

If, when the fatal day of wrath arrives,

We are left no saving minute to repent

But are cut off in terror and confusion.

This would be the great judgment on our age:

To take no bow before we leave the stage.

A sign we are not fit to recognize

The folly our age lived in as it dies.

A civilization devoted to war and hate

Consumed by fire as its predestined fate.

Oh Lord, if one part of Europe could survive

The punishment of time, let it be Russia.

The victim of the West’s insane hostility

For a thousand years, surely deserves to thrive

When the West is gone, so let the West’s fall usher

In a new time of peace, calm and tranquility,

Where Russia, China, Asia and Africa will flower

While the West perishes from its lust for power.

Does the West want war with Russia?

The horrific series of mass atrocities being carried out by the Ukrainians to put the blame on Russia and get more weapons sent to them is escalating at an alarming rate. The Mariupol Maternity Hospital fake bombing, and the fake bombing of the Mariupol Drama Theatre (both of them exposed by refugees from Mariupol, including the pregnant young lady used as a fake victim by Azov who has gone home to Donetsk and told everything) have been followed by extremely serious war crimes. The massacre of pro-Russian “collaborators” by Nazi extremist members of the Ukrainian security police as they “cleansed” Bucha two days after the Russian troops left, and the Tochka-U rocket attack on Kramatorsk train station have brought the death toll to several hundred. Zelensky has announced there are more horrors to come, which means his thugs have already carried out more massacres. What do MI6 and the CIA hope to achieve by pushing their Nazi puppets into this campaign of false flag war crimes?

Boris Johnson’s appeal to the Russian people to find out about these atrocities from Western media and learn what their government is doing is an extraordinary display of self-deception, self-delusion or cynical Machiavellian lying. Does he really think the Russian people can be convinced (as his own sheeple have been) that the Russian army shoots civilians (who are wearing pro-Russian white armbands in a sign of support for the Russian soldiers) and then leaves their bodies lying in the middle of main roads so they can be used by the enemy for propaganda? (A combination of evil and stupidity which is MI6’s habitual, racist caricature of Russians.) Does he think the Russian people haven’t been thoroughly informed of Azov’s torture and mass-murder of “pro-Russian collaborators” every time they gained back territory in the Donbass war over the last eight years? And does he think the Russian people are not aware that the missile that hit Kramatorsk station, whose casing has been displayed as evidence, a Tochka-U rocket, has for years only been used by the Ukrainians, not the Russians? That it was used two weeks ago by the Ukrainians in a bloody attack on a street in Donetsk and has never been used by the Russians in the current fighting? Moreover, in whose interest would it be to kill civilians at a train station and scream about an enemy atrocity? If the Russians did it, would that bring them any more weapons, any more support, any more sanctions on their enemies? What about the Ukrainians? Is Johnson aware that his brazen lies and slanders, far from fomenting revolt in Moscow, are only enraging the Russian people further, till they will push their government to do everything necessary to win this struggle against the Nazi scum in Kiev, no matter what the cost?

The question is: what is the objective of MI6 and the CIA, who are driving these false flag war crimes, and their media stooges who suppress any questioning of their false narrative? Do they want to arouse such hysterical indignation among the brainwashed Western public that they will demand Russia’s removal from the UN Security Council? Do they understand that if they succeed this will mean the end of the UN and any form of international law and split the world in two blocs far more irreconcilable than during the Cold War? Or do they simply want more and bigger weapons sent to the Ukrainians? Do they understand that will mean much more bombing by Russia of roads and railways in Western Ukraine and the cutting off of all escape routes for civilians? Or do they want to justify the entry of NATO troops into Ukraine to take part in the war and prevent the coming annihilation of Ukraine’s army in the Donbass? Or simply impose this no-fly zone fantasy? Do they understand a no-fly zone will mean Russia striking not merely the planes that enter its air space but the bases they take off from in NATO countries? That this will mean full-scale, continent-wide war?

The trouble with hysterical atrocity propaganda is that it makes peace impossible. This was the problem in the First World War: the British media portrayal of the Germans as monsters made any negotiated settlement out of the question. But British propaganda today is even worse: not only are the Russian troops war criminals but they are incompetent, demoralized and are starving and dying in droves. This double falsification of reality will increase British and US pressure on Zelensky not to negotiate, not to make concessions, not to allow the Russians any form of win from their criminal aggression. Territorial concessions to Russia will be permanently unrecognized by NATO members. The pressure will constantly be on any future Ukrainian government to renew the war, to beat these incompetent, disorganized war criminals and take back Ukraine’s legitimate borders. The question is whether NATO governments are so intoxicated with their own propaganda about the Russian army’s failings that they will start to believe that NATO’s hundred thousand strong force in Germany and Poland is a match for it and can save the Ukrainian army from defeat. That would be a serious mistake, given Russia’s reserves. Russia cannot afford to lose this conflict. That would not merely be a regional setback to its “expansionist plans to restore the USSR” as the NATO fantasy has it. No, this would be an existential threat. If Ukraine comes out of this disaster still able to be rebuilt by NATO countries into a platform for a nuclear attack on Russia, five to ten minutes’ missile flight time from Moscow, that is a threat to the survival of Russia as a nation. And that would even be a legitimate reason for using tactical nuclear weapons in any direct war with NATO, which may be the easiest way to destroy the three hundred-odd military bases in Europe.

The West is painting itself into a corner by its demented propaganda campaign. The danger is that this impasse – the inability to negotiate with war criminals who are in any case incompetent losers who can be beaten with a little more effort – may morph into a Western death wish. Has the US decided that the destruction of Europe by a continent-wide war will subject it forever to its rule (as it did in 1945) and mean the permanent weakening of Russia? And of China too, since Europe has been a major market for both economies (and the straying of Europe’s wanton thoughts towards them has provoked this crisis.) Has the American Empire decided that the definitive way to subject Europe to its will is not to lovingly extend its protection once again against the wicked ogre to the east, but to actually cripple Europe, reduce her to a basket case, by a brutal war with the ogre which will teach her once and for all where her interest lies? In other words, protect her permanently from the rapist next door by letting the rapist have his wicked way with her for a week. That may underlie this insane, suicidal rush towards military intervention, fueled by the atrocity story scripts that MI6 thinks it is such a master at.

(First published in the Vineyard of the Saker, April 12, 2022.)

Is the Ukraine War a just war?

Just war theory dates back at least to the ancient Greeks. Aristotle, St Augustine and Thomas Aquinas have been followed by a host of modern philosophers in trying to formulate the principles that distinguish a just from an unjust war. The UN has codified its own principles (expertly analyzed a few days ago by Scott Ritter.) All of these authorities deplore the evil of war, the appalling suffering it causes, but are concerned with defining the circumstances where this evil becomes a necessary one and therefore a justifiable one.

Ius ad bellum concerns the justifiable causes or motives of war; ius in bello the justifiable means of waging war. There is no space here to go into individual philosophers’ views, but there is a surprising consensus among them. The two just motives of war almost universally agreed on are defense against aggression, and the ending of a massive violation of the basic human rights of a population. Most thinkers reject the motives of economic gain (trade wars such as the British Opium Wars), the punishing of wrong-doers (the US Afghan and 2003 Iraq War), or the recapture of lost territory (Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia.) They all insist that there must be a reasonable probability of achieving the goals of war, the expected benefit must be greater than the evils and suffering caused (proportionality), and war must be the last resort after all other means (diplomacy) have failed. Ius in bello concerns avoidance of civilian deaths and wanton destruction of infrastructure, humane treatment of prisoners, etc.

If we apply these criteria to Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine we can see it conforms to the principles of a just war to an astonishing degree.

The war was waged, according to Vladimir Putin, for three reasons. The first was to save the people of the Donbass separatist republics from an imminent invasion likely to be genocidal in nature, which had already begun by a massive artillery barrage starting on 16th February. This bombardment was no longer the few dozen shells a day lobbed at the Donbass people for eight years (killing up to ten thousand of their civilians) but an intense, non-stop barrage of shelling. This was judged to be a prelude to an invasion across the fortified ceasefire line between Ukraine and the separatist republics. The republics began evacuating civilians urgently to Russia (to which one and half million Donbass civilians had already fled over the previous eight years to escape the blockade, siege and daily shelling by Ukraine’s forces as Kiev openly reneged on the Minsk Agreement it had signed, which granted the Donbass republics autonomy within Ukraine.) Putin’s judgement that an invasion was imminent was later confirmed (according to the Russians) by the capture of Ukrainian army documents indicating an invasion was planned for early March. He recognized the republics and two days later moved in his forces. The Russian army, instead of merely countering the invasion of the Donbass republics by the 60,000 Ukrainian troops massed along the line of contact, entered Ukraine from several directions, north and south. It seems from subsequent developments that the goal was not to capture Kiev or Kharkov (which would be extremely costly in civilian lives for a purely symbolic victory) but to threaten them and pin down a large part of Ukraine’s forces in the north. This would stop them moving south-east to reinforce their main army in the Donbass, which the Russians aimed to encircle and destroy. Since the Russians only invaded with a maximum of 150,000 troops, as opposed to Ukraine’s total of over 400,000, it was essential to keep Ukraine’s forces divided. The first task was to destroy the Ukrainian air force, air defenses, fuel depots, tanks and troop carriers to reduce their mobility and capacity to reinforce their main Donbass army. The second phase announced by Russia after four weeks was to withdraw some of the forces pinning down the Ukrainians in Kiev and transfer them east for the crucial battle in the Donbass. The invasion of the entire country in order to defend the Donbass republics was therefore not disproportionate, as the force applied in this pinning down operation was very moderate (with less than a thousand civilian deaths officially recorded by the UN in the first four weeks, the number killed nearly every day of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.)

The second reason given by Putin for his action was to prevent Ukraine becoming a member of NATO (or a de facto one, without other members having a chance to veto it), with US and UK military bases on its territory. The fear was that this would allow the US to put nuclear missiles on the Russian border. These could threaten Moscow with annihilation from 500 kilometers away, allowing too little time for defensive systems to operate. This compensates by proximity the US lag in both hypersonic and defensive missile systems, but when they do get hypersonic missiles they could reach Moscow from Ukraine in four minutes. The refusal by the US and NATO, despite exhaustive diplomatic efforts by Putin for three months, to give a written assurance that these developments would not happen was considered a tacit admission that this was NATO’s intention. Putin was responding to a clearly signaled intention to install nuclear missiles in Ukraine that could launch a genocidal first strike on Russia (Prompt Global Strike being the new Pentagon doctrine.) Nobody doubts that if there were hostile military bases on the Mexican border threatening America in the same way, the US would take military action to destroy them (as the Cuban missile crisis showed.) Putin judged that it was better for the survival of the human race to act now to prevent this happening rather than to wait till the US bases and missiles were installed and then destroy them. This was a clear and justifiable motive for a pre-emptive war of self-defence. It was preventing an infinitely greater war later on. Nor were Putin’s fears unreasonable paranoia. The US has missiles in Romania, and is installing them in Poland, which are supposedly anti-missile systems, but could easily be replaced secretly by offensive nuclear missiles (which Poland has asked for.) US expansionist logic would be to put similar missiles in Ukraine, much closer to Moscow. The 26 US bioweapon labs discovered in Ukraine are also signs of a hostile intent of a genocidal nature. To demand the demilitarization and neutralization of Ukraine is not only a question of survival for Russia. It is also an achievable goal, as it is under discussion now in peace talks.

The third reason mentioned by Putin is to obtain a guarantee of the rights of the ethnic Russian and Russian-speaking populations of Ukraine. Kiev’s nationalist pursuit of a one-language, one-culture Ukraine has been scandalously supported by the West, even though its closest analogue, China’s attempt to culturally assimilate the Uighur people of Xinjiang, has been denounced by the West as genocide. That assimilation process, forcing Uighurs to speak only Chinese and identify with Han Chinese culture, forgetting their own, is not very different in intent from imposing Ukrainian as the only language of instruction in state schools, and the only language for all official purposes. This is in a country where the Russian-speaking minority is far larger proportionately than linguistic minorities in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain or Canada, which all have the right to education and interaction with the state in their own language. They also have television channels in their own language, which Russian-speakers in Ukraine have now been denied, with the approval of Joe Biden. Why do the rights of linguistic minorities, which Europeans are so fond of asserting, not apply to Russian-speaking minorities? This is a denial of basic human rights, potentially a cultural genocide, which Putin is seeking to end, by what he calls the denazification of Ukraine — the elimination not only of the Azov Battalion thugs in Mariupol with their SS insignia, but the fanatical nationalists, bent on total assimilation of minorities, at all levels of government.

As for ius in bello, or the just means of making war, Russia has, according to US Colonel Douglas MacGregor and other experts, taken extraordinary care so far to minimize civilian casualties. After 25 days of war, the total number of confirmed civilian deaths, according to the UN, was 902. Though this figure is bound to increase as investigations proceed, especially after the fall of Mariupol, it is at the moment comparable to the number of civilians killed on an average day during much of the illegal US invasion of Iraq in 2003. For Western politicians and media to be accusing Russia of systematically targeting civilians, given this exceptionally low death count, goes beyond hypocrisy. It is hate-filled, lying propaganda reminiscent of the bayoneted Belgian babies stories fabricated by the British in World War 1. And while this avoidance of civilian deaths determines much of the Russian strategy (at the expense of increasing their own casualties), the same media jeer at the Russian army for its slow advance and scoff at its failure to capture major cities. The Russian army’s evident goal is not to capture big cities (at an inevitably high cost in civilian lives) but to encircle opposing troops and capture them. It has encircled some major cities and left humanitarian corridors and intact railways for civilians to leave, so that eventually only troops will remain, who can then be engaged with less danger to civilians. That is why the Nazis of Mariupol have been stopping civilians leaving along the humanitarian corridors Russia has opened every day. Refugees from Mariupol (in videos forbidden on Western media) have described how the Azov Battalion shoots civilians leaving or closes the route as unsafe, because it is shelling that route. The Nazis are afraid of what will happen to them when there are no civilians left to hide behind. That is why the Russians, in desperation, have even offered to allow the Azov Battalion safe passage out, because they dread the civilian carnage when the cornered Nazis make their last stand.

The main danger to civilians comes from the false flag attacks Azov has been staging. It took over the Mariupol Maternity Hospital, moved the staff and patients, and used it as a firing position, and then, when it was hit by a shell that killed no one, faked civilian victims. The one pregnant woman displayed as a victim has since returned home to Donetsk and recounted to reporters that Azov Battalion soldiers took over the hospital, stole the food of the pregnant women, established firing positions next to the women’s ward, and when a shell hit (not a bomb from a plane) rushed in at once with cameramen to film the pregnant women and record their shock. In short, it was a staged propaganda piece, which gullible or cynical Western media are still calling a Russian war crime. As for the Mariupol Drama Theatre, also allegedly bombed, refugees from Mariupol claim that the Azov Battalion, installed on the top floor, blew it up themselves when they left, hoping for a thousand dead among the people they had crammed into the basement. They still claim three hundred dead though no bodies have been produced. Finally, the 3rd April massacre at Bucha near Kiev four days after Russian forces withdrew was the most horrific example of a crude false flag war crime. The mayor of the town announced triumphantly on 31st March it was free of Russian troops. He made no mention of any atrocities. Ukrainian security forces swept through the town over the next two days “to cleanse it of saboteurs and collaborators.” Video film of their progress through the town shows no bodies on roads. Then on 3rd April these bodies all appear like magic, lying conspicuously in the middle of roads, and are filmed with horror by the press. Many of the victims filmed are wearing white armbands (recorded both by the BBC and in videos.) Now white armbands are worn as identification by Russian troops in this war and also by civilians in Russian-occupied areas as a sign they are pro-Russian or neutral and pose no threat to the Russian occupiers. The pro-Ukrainians wear blue armbands like Ukrainian troops. Since these bodies were only discovered four days after the Russians left on 30 March, and a day after Ukrainian security forces swept through the town to “cleanse it of saboteurs and collaborators”, it is clear these people were massacred as pro-Russian collaborators by the Ukrainians. Then, with diabolical cynicism, they accused the Russians of their crime. The killing of pro-Russian “collaborators” in areas won back from the enemy has been systematic by the Ukrainians in the Donbass War since 2014 — another fact ignored in the Western media. There is a video of a Ukrainian soldier in Bucha saying: “They’re not wearing blue armbands, can we shoot them?” Who in their right mind would believe it was Russians and not Ukrainians who would shoot pro-Russian civilians, wearing pro-Russian white armbands? Which side was more likely to tie the victims’ hands with white ribbons, symbolizing their pro-Russian treason? But of course Western media simply suppress any idea that the sanctified Nazis of Ukraine could possibly be murderers, even after we have seen them shooting prisoners. CNN even asked: “Who could have killed them if not the Russians?” The Western journalists, politicians and fake human rights groups who are calling this “a new Srebrenica” and demanding NATO military intervention without the slightest independent investigation to find out the truth are a sign of the moral depravity the Western establishment has sunk to in this war. Is it mere gullibility that makes them accept as gospel the crudely faked atrocity propaganda of an army led by men wearing Nazi insignia (while refusing to allow the videos that show Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoners of war in the legs)? Or is it criminal Western complicity in a campaign of lies by Nazi mass-murderers to justify more ruinous sanctions on the Russian people? The hysterical indignation and illegal sanctions triggered by these false flag war crimes (as in Syria by MI6-funded jihadists) are a deliberate incitement of the butchers to commit more crimes. Western politicians all have blood on their hands from the hapless “pro-Russian collaborators” of Bucha, massacred by Ukrainian Nazi puppets, goaded on by the West.

In conclusion, as far as we can judge until now, and unless there is a degradation of Russian methods of war, it appears that in terms of both ius ad bellum (just motives) and ius in bello (just methods of warfare), the Russians are engaging in a just war. It is a last resort, after all diplomatic options were exhausted, to defend the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics (bound to them by defence treaties) from a genocidal invasion and Russia itself from an existential nuclear threat by US bases on its border. The evils this war is preventing are far greater than those it is causing. This is not to minimize the tragedy or horror of this war: merely to compare it with the greater tragedy and horror of the nuclear war which could occur if the US went ahead and installed nuclear missiles in Ukraine — the obvious strategic goal of its entire presence there. Not a single war of the dozens waged by NATO powers since 1960 meets the criteria of a just war as well as this one. Of course since the West has banned all Russian media, most people cannot hear the Russians’ version of events or examine their arguments. Above all Western governments don’t want their people to hear the Russian side of it. They have criminalized their views as disinformation (Youtube has banned all dissident videos about Bucha, so evidence itself is banned) and ramped up hatred of Russians to insane levels that can only end in a world war. This is the ultimate stupidity — making it impossible to hear what the other side is saying. If nuclear war ever occurs, it will be caused by hysterical, ignorant, bigoted misrepresentations of what the other side is doing or has done. That is what we are witnessing.

This could end civilization

For the first time (on 13th March 2022) I feel the Ukraine conflict could lead to nuclear war. The level of hatred in the West for Russia and Putin is now higher than anything in the Cold War and close to the level of hatred for Hitler. The announcement to the UN by Russia that it has found US-funded biological weapons labs in Ukraine, instead of leading to a degree of worry, indignation or even a desire to learn more in the Western press has led to a chorus of jeering accusations that this is Russian propaganda in preparation for a Russian biological or chemical attack (something totally illogical, given that Russia has been holding back from using its heavy artillery or airstrikes on cities in order to spare civilians.)

This means facts are now being openly disregarded by the West in favour of a hate campaign without precedent since World War 2. It suggests that Nazi elements in Ukraine, such as the Azov Battalion in Mariupol, are being actively encouraged to stage a false flag chemical attack on the civilian population so this can be blamed on Russia. It is the same playbook as MI6 and the CIA used in Syria: using Al-Nusra Front and the White Helmets to stage chemical attacks (with Turkish supplied sarin) to blame on the Syrian government and justify NATO missile strikes. If the same thing happens in Ukraine and NATO intervenes militarily on the back of a wave of fake hysterical indignation, it will probably mean war between NATO and Russia. And that war may quickly turn nuclear in order to destroy NATO’s air bases.

It is clear that the West’s goal is to annihilate or break up Russia as a country, if not to exterminate the Russian people. The unprecedented and totally disproportionate sanctions — confiscating the Central Bank funds of a sovereign nation for a war which has killed fewer civilians than the US killed every single day for three years in its war of aggression on Iraq — are aimed at the total destruction of the Russian economy. Russia has to respond by destroying the Western economy or Russia will collapse. Russia must immediately stop all gas and oil supplies to Europe, crash their economies and keep this up till Europe agrees to release Russia’s central bank funds and reconnect all Russian banks to Swift. Putin’s mad obsession with proving that Russia is a reliable gas supplier and never uses gas as a weapon is now a form of idiocy. He does not understand things have gone well beyond that. Russia will never again supply gas to the West — surely he grasps that reality. The break between Russia and the West is total and definitive. There will be no peace, no reconciliation, no trade between them, ever. Before Russia is allowed to sell anything to the West or buy anything from it there will be the imposition of war reparations to the tune of trillions of dollars. There is no way Russia can ever pay them or should even try. Russia must form its own juridical space with China and ignore Western laws, Western demands and Western institutions completely. Putin still thinks absurdly that by holding back, pulling his punches, appeasing the Western hate monster, he can bring things back to some semblance of normality between the superpowers. He may even be mad enough to leave Russia for negotiations in some third country like Israel, not realizing he will be kidnapped like Milosevic and put on trial and murdered in prison like him. Putin does not understand the irreversible nature of what has happened. He is like a man who has started a nuclear war and doesn’t realize he must now fire everything he has or be obliterated. There is no going back. Russia will be a pariah state forever. There will be no reintegration into the Western controlled world order. He must destroy that order (by crashing its economy) or be destroyed.

Right now on the military front there are 60,000 Ukrainian troops encircled in a “cauldron” in the greater Donbass. As the days pass they will begin to scream for help to NATO rather than surrender. What happened last time there was a cauldron in the southern Donbass in 2014? To prevent the humiliating surrender, NATO and Ukraine shot down MH17 to provoke hysteria to justify a NATO invasion of the Donbass (called off at the last minute by Germany.) The cauldron at any rate was lifted and 5000 Ukrainian troops escaped. There is bound to be something similar this time to prevent an even more disastrous surrender. Mariupol, where the Azov Battalion is keeping tens of thousands of civilians hostage, refusing to allow them to use the humanitarian corridors, will be the scene of a massive false flag attack. It may involve chemical weapons, since this is NATO’s go-to method of triggering Western media hysteria. Proof that this was the Azov Battalion will be disregarded as blithely as the proof that the Mariupol maternity hospital had been taken over by Azov, who were the only casualties of the missile strike on it three days ago. This evil neo-Nazi organization controls the mayor and deputy-mayor of Mariupol, whose lies are taken as gospel by the West. There has been a psychological preparation already for this massive false-flag attack. It is classic MI6.

I fear Putin is too civilized and reasonable to realize he is in a fight for the survival of Russia. He still thinks there is a way back into the status quo ante. There is none. He must destroy the Western economic system or be destroyed. Russia’s reputation as a reliable gas supplier must be sacrificed in order for Russia to exist in the future. Total energy war on the West is the only hope for Russia’s survival. Crash their energy supplies, crash their stock market, plunge their economies into a 30s style depression until they lift every sanction and come crawling back to the table. And then turn your back on them and sell your energy only to China, India, Pakistan and South America. That is the world that Russia must now belong to. The West’s ties with Russia have been broken forever.

Putin’s Ukraine Gamble

Last Monday (21.2.2022) Vladimir Putin announced he was recognizing the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states. This was in response to their request for help in the face of a week long intensification of shelling from Ukraine’s 60,000 troops massed on the line of contact (dixit Shoigu), which had forced the partial evacuation of civilians to Russia. He made sure all his close advisers agreed publicly to this step. An avalanche of condemnation, vilification and sanctions by the West followed. Early on Thursday (24.2.2022) Putin announced he was launching a military operation to defend the Donbass people from attacks, which he had already described as genocide. This referred not to one attack but to the whole 8-year siege, blockade and nightly shelling which had killed thousands and forced a million and a half Donbass citizens to flee as refugees to Russia. All because they wanted the right to have their kids taught in Russian in a country which had suddenly become unilingual and Russophobic by law and was refusing to implement the Minsk Agreement, which would have given the Donbass autonomy.

The movement of Russian forces into Ukraine on Thursday then surprised everyone by its massive and multi-directional nature. Putin did not merely move troops into the Donbass to retake the full territory of these oblasts (provinces) at the moment of their own declarations of independence in 2014. He also moved troops from the north and west towards Kharkov and Kiev. Some parliamentarians who had voted for the operation in the Donbass claimed they had not signed up for an attack on Kiev. The question became: what is Putin’s goal?

He declared that it was the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. This seemed to follow on from his earlier demand that Ukraine not be allowed to join NATO or become a platform for attacking Russia. In his earlier talks with Western leaders over his security demands in December he argued that if NATO missiles were placed on Ukraine’s northern border they would be able to reach Moscow in minutes. This was an unacceptable threat to live under, given the US first strike doctrine (Prompt Global Strike.) The logical solution to him was the disarmament of Ukraine’s army, recently supplied massively with modern weapons by NATO countries. The most obvious way of doing this was to surround the bulk of Ukraine’s army stationed on the line of contact in the Donbass and destroy their weapons. An operation in the Donbass would also allow him to destroy or capture the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, based in Mariupol, thus achieving denazification at the same time as demilitarization. A major push in the south might also allow Russia, if it chose, to seize the whole Azov sea coast, link the Donbass with Crimea, and restore control over the canal bringing water from the Dnipro river into Crimea. This canal had been blocked by Ukraine, depriving Crimea of water and ruining its agriculture and tourism. Excluding Ukraine from the Azov Sea would put an end to Britain’s warmongering scheme to build Ukraine a naval base on the Azov Sea, which would make both the Crimea bridge and the Crimea coast vulnerable to naval attack. If Russia succeeded in taking Odessa and persuading that Russian-speaking city to join Russia, Ukraine would be cut off from the entire Black Sea coast. If it had no ports, it would be less able to be supplied with large weapons (such as ballistic missiles) by NATO.

But the operation in the south, which could seemingly achieve Putin’s goals, was not the main focus of the Russian military incursion. Troops were concentrated around Kiev and Kharkov in the north. Why? What was the purpose of capturing large cities, which would cause heavy loss of life and increase the already shrill anti-Russian hysteria being whipped up worldwide? Why pay such a high price in lives to occupy empty government buildings and deserted central squares? Why transform a carefully controlled operation, which as I write on Sunday, has taken only about 100 Ukrainian civilian lives (UN figure), into the kind of bloodbath perpetrated by Israel in Gaza in 2014, when it killed 2200 civilians, a quarter of them children? Given that the West has already unleashed the most extreme sanctions possible, including removal from SWIFT and seizure of Russian Central Bank funds (something not applied to Israel in 2014 or the US in 2003), a sudden multiplication of casualties in city street battles would damage relations forever, and lead possibly to military intervention — such as supplying weapons and protecting the truck convoys with air power. Why take the risk of an air war that could rapidly escalate, just for the satisfaction of forcing a hated government to flee its capital?

Here is where Putin’s rational, if harsh, calculations seem to shade into something emotional, irrational and disturbingly removed from reality. His talk of replacing Zelensky with a government more favorable to Russia suggests a mind living in another age. Eight years of non-stop nationalist propaganda and fear-mongering have reduced any pro-Russian sentiments in Ukraine to the margins. This invasion has finished them off. Putin has become a toxic figure to most Ukrainians in Kiev, and even in Russian-speaking Kharkov. Western propaganda demonizing him for twenty years has finally won. The suffering of the Donbass people at the hands of neo-Nazi forces has been blanked out of the minds of Ukrainians. They don’t believe it happened, any more than the bigoted Russophobes of the BBC believe it happened. The shelling of Donbass civilians for 8 years was mere Russian disinformation. It didn’t happen, just as the bombing of Belgrade didn’t happen, the genocide of a million Iraqis didn’t happen (as Harold Pinter once eloquently argued.) The US butchery in Afghanistan, the genocidal blockades of Iraq, Syria and Yemen, didn’t happen. Putin seems unaware that information creates reality and the West controls information. The banning of RT and Sputnik announced today by Ursula Von der Leyen, who runs the EU, is just the formal admission of a process of banning the truth which has gone on ever since they murdered the Kennedys and staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident to initiate their genocide in Vietnam. Truth is no longer an argument. It convinces nobody unless they control the global media. Look at the political debate in the USA: it is a battle between different versions of history. A rigged election on one side and an armed insurrection on the other. Every war is a battle to control the truth, and Russia has lost at that game for half a century. It has no truth battalions. Only a few subversive individuals. The Western narrative has won. The expansion of the US militarist empire, the greatest war criminal empire in history, is defined universally as the spread of democracy and freedom, the goal of history. Only nuclear war could change that reality.

Putin’s only choice is to pull back from Kiev and Kharkov, disable the Ukrainian army in the Donbass, destroy (or capture) the Azov Battalion, annex the Azov Coast, negotiate with the leaders of Odessa, and try to grab the maximum amount of sea coast. And having annexed all that, use it as a bargaining chip to obtain a pledge of neutrality. Odessa in exchange for neutrality. Why not? But please, Vladimir Vladimirovich, don’t even think of sticking a puppet government (or a more rational government) in power in Kiev (especially after bloody city street battles which you can’t win without a ruthless use of force you have avoided till now.) That train has left. It’s called the USSR. You can’t bring it back. Don’t prove the idiots right who claimed for years you were trying to do so. Understand the world of media lies you now live in. Don’t imagine you can block them out or replace them with the truth. Truth has ceased to exist. Except in the minds of a few individuals. The all-powerful world narrative is now hysterical Russophobia which aims at dismantling Russia as they did Yugoslavia. The task of Russia now is to survive. You need to cut off Europe’s oil and gas immediately. Sell it all to China. The West has gone nuclear with sanctions. You need to as well. Don’t try to appease their absolute genocidal racist hatred. They even destroy your angelic child skaters. They will never stop hating you no matter what you do. Turn your back on the West completely. There is a world elsewhere.

To Julian Assange on his 50th Birthday

Happy birthday to free speech’s hero,

Our Solzhenitsyn and our Sakharov,

As you sit in your isolation cell

Where they destroy your life minute by minute,

Depriving you of sleep, tortured by cold,

Depriving you of any communication

So you cannot reveal more of their crimes,

Oh you, new Prisoner of Chillon, like the old

Locked in a dungeon for the crime of speaking

Truth to tyranny, which masquerades

Obscenely as democracy, while the “free press”

Ignores, despises or condemns your struggle,

And the judges flout the laws of their own country,

You will remain forever the greatest proof

That we are ruled by evil. Your example

Will prove not merely the eternal courage

Of the individual, but the eternal cowardice

Of those who rule every state in the Empire

Of Evil, the American global tyranny,

The new Nazism, the new USSR,

The new feudal world order. Happy birthday,

From those who, deprived of means of communication,

Send you our thoughts of gratitude and love

For what you have sacrificed to set us free.

Michael Antony

The Donbass Trigger for WW3

Today (April 14) a US destroyer is scheduled to enter the Black Sea and another one tomorrow. According to the Turks, who control the straits, they will stay till May 5. Just after Orthodox Easter. I consider Orthodox Easter (May 2) the most likely time for Ukraine to launch their invasion of the Donbass, while the inhabitants are celebrating their feast day, which the West Ukrainians of Galicia (mostly Catholic) have already celebrated. It should also be warm and dry enough by then for the ground to support a rapid advance of their tanks, which they have massed at the Donbass border in unprecedented numbers.

This massive Ukrainian military build up in preparation for invasion has been ignored by Western media, while they go on and on about the threatening Russian build up across the border. This systematic propaganda, distorting who is threatening invasion of whom, suggests a vast coordinated military campaign by NATO, including its puppet media. They are laying the groundwork for the lies they will tell that Ukraine is merely defending itself against Russian aggression when it launches its attempt to recapture the Donbass, whose four million peaceful inhabitants are simply struggling to live amid a total blockade by Ukraine and only surviving thanks to supplies across the Russian border. No doubt a Ukrainian blitzkrieg, advancing rapidly into the Donbass and devastating the city of Donetsk with artillery, drones and missiles, killing thousands of civilians, will be applauded by the West as a wonderful comeuppance for the wicked Russian aggressors. When the Russians retaliate with missiles from inside their own border and destroy the advancing Ukrainian tanks, the tune may change.

That is where Biden’s sending of destroyers into the Black Sea may prove to be the stupidest move ever made by a US president. If Ukrainian forces begin to get a pasting, the insane nitwit in Kiev, Zelensky, will scream for US help. The CIA/MI6 controlled media, giving voice to the Ukrainian Nazi diaspora from WW2 that now infests the State Department, will demand hysterically that the US intervene to save Ukraine from destruction. Joe Biden, being a weakling obsessed with appearing a tough guy, will be unable to resist the pressure. The US destroyers in the Black Sea will open fire on the Donbass or the Russians and may even, in their ignorance, open fire at coastal defenses in Crimea, which is Russian territory. These coastal defenses have hypersonic missiles. The most likely consequence is that Russia will sink the two US destroyers. What will Joe Biden do then? Accept a local defeat and a US humiliation, or give the order for World War 3?

Americans are not capable of accepting a local defeat, unless they can spin it as a victory. It goes against their natural hubris. I believe Biden will send into action the US air forces stationed all over Europe, and even planes from carriers in the Gulf. Russia will hit those targets with cruise missiles. US air bases all over Europe will be struck, including in the UK. How long will it be before the insanely arrogant British push the Americans into using nuclear weapons to regain the upper hand? And how long will it then be before the hypersonic missiles coming out of Russia carry nuclear warheads?

And all of this, the destruction of Europe and perhaps of Russia and America as well, will be because the French, the Germans (and the US) refused to pressure Ukraine to carry out the Minsk Agreement — granting autonomy to the Donbass within Ukraine, the right to use Russian as their language in schools, the joint holding of local elections, and amnesty for all rebel fighters. That simple compromise to which Ukraine signed up in 2014 was refused definitively last month by Zelensky, who decided that NATO would back him in an attempt to reconquer the Donbass by force. That delusion was reinforced in his mind constantly by the mentally defective head of NATO, Stoltenberg. Every time NATO leaders declared their commitment to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, they confirmed Zelensky in his delusion: NATO will back him in a war of reconquest. The destruction that is coming will be solely the fault of Ukraine, NATO and the US. But many others will pay.