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The MH17 Charade

Today (28 September 2016) the Dutch-led investigation into the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner MH17 over Eastern Ukraine in 2014 has delivered its findings. They were entirely predictable. It confirmed the earlier finding that the plane was hit by a BUK missile, and added that the missile was not only Russian but had been recently moved from Russia and fired from a rebel-held location. They then claimed to have compiled a list of a hundred suspects who could eventually be held criminally responsible for this act, including those who transported the missile system to Ukraine. The investigators hold out hope to the victims’ families that these people may one day be extradited from Russia for trial, presumably after the regime-change which NATO aims to bring about as they have in Ukraine.

Let us think about this for a second. A hundred people, including, one supposes, soldiers, technicians, engineers, truck-drivers were all, according to these experts, engaged in a conspiracy to shoot down a civilian airliner none of them knew existed, at least a day before that airliner appeared in the sky. The BUK missile system was taken into Ukraine not in order to help the Donbass rebels defend the city of Donetsk against a murderous bombing campaign by its own government’s air force, but specifically in order to shoot down a civilian airliner full of foreigners who had nothing to do with the Ukrainian civil war. That is what the notion of a list of “suspects” means: that this was a deliberate criminal act, which a hundred people conspired to commit, and not at all the act of a panicky missile crew who had probably just seen children blown to pieces by Kiev’s jets in the streets of Donetsk and were determined to stop it. An anti-aircraft missile crew has from one to five seconds to decide whether or not to shoot at an object, once it appears in the sky or on its radar.  After those seconds the plane is either out of range or has dropped its bombs and it is too late. Yet we are asked to believe this could not possibly have been an accident, a misidentification by an inexperienced missile crew (who would not be expecting to see airliners in a war zone and might suppose it was a troop transport.) No, say the Dutch experts, this was certainly a deliberate act of mass murder in which a hundred people conspired for days in advance, transporting the BUK for the specific purpose of shooting down an unknown foreign airliner. UK Minister of Defence Michael Fallon goes further and holds President Putin personally responsible  (though nobody has held Fallon responsible when British-supplied jets and missiles are used by the Saudis to kill Yemeni children.) But how would this Kremlin link be made? Putin could not have been consulted during the five seconds it took to decide to launch the missile. So he must have given the Donbass rebels a general instruction when he sent them the BUK: “If you see any foreign airliners that Kiev has sent over the warzone as human shields for its bombers, shoot them down immediately. The world will love us for it.” Mr Fallon deserves a knighthood for this cunning insight into the mind of evil.

This entire investigation and its tone of solemn moral condemnation would be a farce if it were not so tragic and so dangerous. For the world’s sympathy for the victims’ families is being played upon by this sinister charade to stir up war hysteria, an irrational hatred of Russia and a demand that it be wiped off the face of the earth.  When the 3rd World War comes (and it now looks imminent) these clownish Dutch investigators will bear a heavy part of responsibility for it.


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