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The Daily Lies

April 27, 2022

When lies begin and end the daily news,

And warmongers are asked to give their views

On how we can destroy the Russians more

For daring to put an end to the brutal war

Ukraine has waged on the Donbass for eight years,

Slaughtering thousands of civilians, while their tears

Were mocked by the Guardian, Daily Mail, or Times

As Russian lies to cover their own crimes,

How can we live in a world where truth is inverted,

Where praise is showered on the evil and perverted,

Where morality itself is stood on its head

And butchers triumph over the innocent dead?

What drives the hacks who fill the news each night

With vile perversions of the truth — is it to incite

Hatred that will push the world to nuclear war

In the hope this means Russia will be no more?

The hatred that lies at the heart of Western civilization

Is something for which science has no explanation.

It is a lust for absolute power over the earth,

As if Western countries have a right from birth

To make endless wars on others, but no other nation

Has a right to defend itself against the worst provocation

(Whether the mass shelling of its citizens every day,

Or its capital threatened by missiles from minutes away)

Without having all relations with it terminated,

Being cast out, robbed and finally exterminated.

This will end badly for the West, I think.

The Russians are beyond rage and will not blink

At the ultimate conflict if the West should choose.

The West cannot win this war; Russia will not lose.

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