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Syria sarin attack follows on from Skripal prologue with perfect timing: is MI6 behind both?

Syria sarin attack follows on from Skripal prologue with perfect timing: is MI6 behind both?

It was entirely predictable. I mentioned it to several friends as we discussed the Skripal case. “They’ll use this to soften up public opinion and then there’ll be a huge chlorine or sarin attack in Ghouta and US/UK will have their pretext for a massive military attack on the Syrian government. They just can’t stand the idea that Bashar al Assad and Russia have won in Syria, that peace is on its way, that the war is over. That the regime change NATO tried to bring about at the cost of half a million lives and five million refugees has failed. That the Christians of Syria, Bashar’s biggest supporters, can once again sleep soundly, safe from beheading by the jihadis the US funded. That the gas pipeline bringing Qatari gas to Europe through Syria is not going to happen. That Russian gas is not going to be replaced in Europe by Qatari gas. They can’t stomach their defeat and they’ll lash out at Syria, even at the risk of a war with Russia.” Now it has happened, with extraordinary good timing, just after MI6’s false flag attack on the Skripals has whipped the West into a fever of hatred of Russia.

Once again, as with the Skripal attack, the lack of motive by the accused party is flagrant. Why would Putin kill a superannuated old agent fourteen years after his arrest, eight years after his pardon and release from a Russian prison, where he could have been quietly killed without the slightest risk to Russia’s relations with the world? Why would Putin wait a decade and then do it in the UK, and in the one town in the UK with a chemical weapons facility able to instantly identify the nerve agent used and pin it on Russia? And of course on the eve of his election and just before the Russian World Cup. On the one hand, they think Putin is a malign Machiavelli: on the other, they think he is a moron or a madman who acts without any motive, and totally against his own interest.  And in Ghouta it is the same thing. Assad’s army is on the point of taking all of Ghouta. The rebels in Douma, the last town in the province that hasn’t surrendered, were negotiating their safe passage when suddenly a radical group among them carried out a violent internal coup and refused to surrender, forcing Assad to take the town by force. Why, at that eleventh hour, when his army is metres away from total victory, would he suddenly use chemical weapons, the one thing that is guaranteed to provoke a Western military intervention against him? Again the assumption made in all the Western media and by all Western politicians, is that Assad is a madman who acts on uncontrollable homicidal impulses. He cannot see Syrian children without having an irrepressible urge to gas them, even when this is totally against his military and political interests.

And of course the rebels, on the point of collapse, could have no possible motive at all to draw in a Western military intervention to save them. The so-called White Helmets, a group not only with links to jihadi mass murderers but to MI6, and who are not even a legitimate “civil defence group” but acquired their equipment by murdering the official Syrian Civil Defence Force and taking their place in the rebel areas, have been spewing out propaganda for years, and are far better with cameras than with any kind of medical apparatus. Remember the little boy they pulled out of the rubble and photographed for two hours before wiping his face?  His father still hasn’t forgiven them but his voice is not heard. These people are totally ruthless and they are not at all beyond gassing the children of the population they hold hostage to provoke a Western military intervention. They have the means to do so. Syrian television (SANA) was full of pictures over the last week of stocks of chemical weapons the Syrian Army have found in East Ghouta, abandoned by the rebels. Not one of these photos of piles of chemical containers was shown on Western TV because it goes against the NATO narrative that the “rebels” have no such chemicals. Nor were Putin’s solemn warnings two days ago that they have evidence a false flag gas attack is being planned given any media coverage. It remains to be seen whether the media hysteria over these carefully filmed propaganda images of gassed children will provoke a brutal military response by the West, as Boris Johnson is pushing for. If it does, we can only pray the Russians show their usual exemplary restraint in the face of Western aggression. If they don’t, if they decide to shoot down US missiles or sink the destroyer they are coming from, in perfectly legitimate defence of Syrian sovereignty, we may all be dead quite soon.   

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